1. No drones over Alameda County.
  2. End drone attacks abroad.
  3. No collaboration with ICE.

    The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) has been responsible for the wrongful deportation of thousands of community members under the “Secure Communities” or S-Comm program (source: ACUDIR).

  4. No jail expansion. Realignment dollars for the community, not the Sheriff.

    ACSO claimed the vast majority of funds designated for prison realignment to address a “budget gap,” despite a drop of the county’s jail population and a persistent failure to address inhumane conditions at Santa Rita jail (Source: Alameda County Criminal Justice Reform).

  5. Stop enforcing evictions.

    ACSO has enforced an unjust eviction policy that deprives hundreds of people of housing every month, at the same time that thousands of bank-owned properties remain vacant and neglected (source: Causa Justa/Just Cause).

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  1. […] dedicated to preserving civil liberties that the use of drones would put at risk. BORDC also shared ACAD’s demands with the […]

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