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Drone Caucus Congressmembers Received Nearly $8MM in Drone-Related Campaign Contributions

The US House of Representatives has a “drone caucus,” officially known as the House Unmanned Systems Caucus. Members received $8 million in drone-related campaign contributions, according to an investigation by Hearst Newspapers and the Center for Responsive Politics. “Eleven drone caucus lawmakers from California, where many aviation firms are located, received more than $2.4 million from […]

Video: Congressional Briefing on Drone Use

Video from the November 16, 2012 Congressional Briefing on Drone Use.

Dennis Kucinich

Congressional Briefing on Drone Use

Ohio Congressman Dennis nich announced a congressional briefing on the implications of the US drones policy here at home & abroad. The briefing will be held November 16. Rep. Kucinich was recently interview by Jeremy Scahill on Democracy Now!, where Kucinich asked: How long is it before some local police department uses a drone to […]

Drone Event: Drone Warfare Protest + Golden Gate Bridge March
, November 11

November 11, San Francisco – CODEPINK will protest drone warfare with a die-in at the mansion of Senator Feinstein, the chair of the Intelligence Committee, and then caravan to their monthly march across the Golden Gate Bridge–two signature BAY AREA CODEPINK actions. CODEPINK Japan will join us in action during their US delegation to abolish nuclear weapons. And […]