Berkeley No Drone Zone Meeting, 3/7

Berkeley No Drone Zone Meeting

Thursday, March 7, 2013
6pm – Police Review Commission’s Drone Sub-Committee Meeting

South Berkeley Senior Center
2939 Ellis at Ashby

It is important that you come and speak and urge the Sub-Committee and the PRC to advise the City Council to pass the No Drone Zone Ordinance.

The No Drone Zone Resolution and the request to the City Manager to draw up a No Drone Zone Ordinance were brought before the Berkeley City Council on 12.18.12. Rather than taking action, the Council referred these matters to several commissions including Police Review and the Disaster and Fire Safety Commissions.

Unmanned surveillance drones are an imminent threat to Berkeley’s airspace as Alameda County Sheriff Gregory Ahern has already made plans to buy two.

The Sheriff’s Department tested an insect like drone October 27, 2012 during a Homeland Security multi-agency Urban Warfare training exercise behind the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin.

Berkeley Police Department agreement with Homeland Security allows the P.D. to apply to H.S. for any militarized or other equipment valued at less than $50,000 without City Council approval. Drones of various sizes and capabilities (e.g. spying, dispensing “non-lethal” weapons, or biological agents) cost less than $50,000 and are available to private citizens from private outlets.

Charlottesville, Virginia has already voted for No Drones in and over their city.

Hey Berkeley, you should be in the forefront! What’s up?

for more info: 510-843-2152 or 510-548-6310

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