URGENT: Sheriff Trying to Sneak Through Drone Purchase – Press Conference 12/4

alcodronesThe Alameda County Sheriff’s Office is trying to sneak their drone purchase request through the Board of Supervisors, before we can have our hearing with the Public Protection Committee.

Tuesday, December 4
10am (Precedes Board of Supervisors meeting at 10:45am)
1221 Oak Street, Oakland

See the full document regarding the drone purchase, or read the relevant excerpt below:

Funding in the amount of $31,646 will be allocated to the Alameda County Sheriffs Office to purchase an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), weighing less than 4lbs, equipped with live video downlink. The Unmanned Aerial System consists of an unmanned aircraft, the control system, a control link and other related support equipment. Unmanned Aerial Systems save money, enhance safety, save lives and can be utilized across a myriad of public safety disciplines to include the Homeland Security Arena. This system will provide real-time situational analysis for first responders to include search and rescue missions, tactical operations, disaster response, recovery and damage assessment, explosive ordnance response, wild land and structure fire response and response to Hazmat incidents. The UAS can enhance the safety of first responders and citizens alike and will enhance our ability to respond.

The Sheriffs Office will operate the UAS infull compliance with the mandates of the US Constitutionfederalstateand local lawsand will seek a Certificate of Authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration.


  1. Mike Lindsey · · Reply

    How is this a big deal?

    And how is Line Item 7 “sneaking” anything?

  2. ANY drone found ANYwhere around my land, WILL BE SHOT DOWN.

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