Report Back: Alameda County Board of Supervisors Meeting, Nov 6

After six presentations, the Supervisors agreed to hold a hearing in 4-6 weeks on Sheriff’s use of drones.  The Public Protection Committee under Supervisor Scott Haggerty will handle the drone issue. We will keep you all posted on the hearing date as soon as we get word. Thanks go out to our allies from the ACLU and our partners from the BORDC and Siegel & Yee law firm for speaking out today.

What are Supervisor Haggerty’s views on drones? In the Oakland Tribune, Angela Woodall writes:

District 1 Supervisor Scott Haggerty said, especially with budget cuts, drones could be useful for policing rural unincorporated areas like Livermore. But he said in urban areas, particularly, there has to be a process in place to protect people’s privacy that involves public input.

– “Alameda County Sheriff plans to buy a surveillance drone”  (10/19/12)

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